BOOZE & SPIRITS: Cuba 50’s

Cuba, our island, has been characterized by its joy. Since ancient times, the cubans dance, sing, share with friends and regularly attend Bars and Cantinas as the popular phrase goes.
Cabarets, dance halls, Shows and Concerts have been part of the daily life of the average citizen, something that can be seen reflected in the fact that each winery, each grocery store in the neighborhood, had a corner with a Victrola or nickel swallow, where even standing up, some friends had a drink regardless of time or day.
Among the main accessories to call them somehow, which were used mainly in bars and canteens, restaurants and certain places that were also mixers, special spoons, filters, among others, were the Stirrers and the Coasters, which were not They were only intended for practical use in the preparation of cocktails, but also to be carried as souvenirs, or simply as propaganda. It is curious to find some that say “Stolen in this or more which club”. That’s what this book is about, the collection of those curious objects from Cuba in the 50’s.