Vintage Labels. Artittry and Advertisen of a Past Era.

Immerse yourself in a fascinating journey to 1950s Cuba and delve into the marvelous world of ornamental labels. This book will transport you to a time of elegance and sophistication, where each printed label was a true work of art. Discover the history and evolution of these small printed pieces, from their origins to their cultural and social impact. Explore the captivating designs and motifs that adorned them, the vibrant colors, elegant typography, and enchanting decorative elements.
More than mere ornaments, these labels were an expression of identity and style. Delve into the lasting legacy of these printed gems and learn how to collect and preserve these small masterpieces. This book invites you to immerse yourself in the unique aesthetics of ornamental labels from 1950s Cuba and to appreciate the printed art that has endured through time.