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RMRK has been uneasy 1024 423 carlitos2016

RMRK has been uneasy

Today the price of RMRK has been uneasy, the increase in volume possibly caused by some positive news issued by Acqua Cannabis, a subsidiary of Rimrock RMRK , made it arrive early at 0.0012, but as happens sometimes some investors wanted to take advantage of that profit and sold causing a fall that only reached 0.009, recovering to form a Dragonfly showing indecision and for several time periods remained almost motionless at 0.0010 until closing. The indicators were in turn contradictory, the stockastic indicated a depletion so it should go down. Bollinger was not very eloquent, so I only have to be guided by the moving average of 20 periods and the confidence that this company offers me, which indicates a slow but sure upward movement.