Cuban Security Instruments

There are many different kinds of Security Instruments. If we speak about Bonds, Stocks, Promissory Notes, etc., we are somehow referring to some type of securities and their main manifestations. There are investment, commitment, offer, gift and aid quotas instruments, among others.There are security instruments aiming at multiple purposes, some are exchangeable, with others and their value grows over time, some finance a war, a church, a school graduation. There are security instruments that, once they have been obtained, pay you interests for life provided that the conditions do not change, some of them are linked with debt and also there are some that unfortunately are absolutely valueless and are even deceitful.In addition, there are receipts, letters of intent, bills of exchange, etc., and each and every one of them somehow tell us something, they tell us a story, they compel us to study, classify, collect them and now I can show them to you, otherwise they would remain locked somewhere in my modest office.And now I would probably be exaggerating when I say that any document or story that clarifies, that shows us a missing link about an event, is worthy of being duly preserved, classified and ordered.In this book you will find many types of documents which I have described ranging from the most valuable and rare to correspondence and notes that you might wonder why I have included them. I wanted to show not only my main pieces but also everything I have collected for over 50 years, even if certain pieces lack, or perhaps you can’t find, the value that I found in them at some point.I hope you enjoy this work and that you can derive some benefit from it; it was done with that purpose in mind.My gratitude to you all for showing interest in my work and my private collection of not only Security Instruments but also some other Memorabilia that might contribute to making this reading more enjoyable.